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Steps for a first time buyer:

1.  Collect your paperwork:


2 years of W-2's, tax returns, business tax returns

2 months bank statements

401k | IRA statements

Copy of your driver's license

2.  Obtain a pre-approval letter, not  a pre-qualification letter from a lender.

3.  Begin shopping for homes in your comfortable price range.  We will provide a buyers' net sheet of estimated costs.

4. Find your dream home in the neighborhood you like.

5.  Write an offer, adding an earnest deposit check - up to 3%.

6.  Order inspections if not provided a disclosure packet before writing an offer.

7.  Negotiate repairs

8.  Lender will do final review before funding your loan. (Refrain from any large purchases).

9.  Wire or bring in cashier's check of loan amount and closing costs.

10.  Title company receives check and sends paperwork to county recorder's office to officially change ownership.

11.  Receive house keys and move in!